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Synologys cloud backup system is the cheapest on the market BGR.
Synology offers daily or hourly backups depending on the plan you select, up to 11 backup versions for the past 30 days, and the ability to restore from a web browser. There is one catch to Synologys C2 Backup offer though, and its that you need to own a Synology NAS product to get started.
NAS backup to IDrive cloud.
Online backup for your NAS data is the best way to ensure that you never lose your files. A single IDrive account which backs up all of your computers and mobile devices, can backup your NAS devices too. IDrive speeds up your initial data backup using IDrive Express that transfers data within a week via physical shipment of hard drives.
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NAS en IP-SAN. NAS en IP-SAN Netwerken Surveillance. NAS en IP-SAN. Persoonlijk gebruik en thuisgebruik IT-liefhebber Kleine en middelgrote bedrijven Enterprise Alle NAS-modellen bekijken. Uitbreidingseenheden RAM-modules Railsets Add-in-kaarten Reserveonderdelen Licentie. Toepassingen en services. DSM-overzicht Alle pakketten bekijken. Synology Active Backup Synology High Availability Hyper Backup Snapshot Replication.
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Cloud backup solution for NAS? Spiceworks.
Ashley Gillware Mar 19, 2015 at 652: UTC. Gillware has a full image backup solution that would work perfectly for a NAS. It stores the images locally and in the cloud, so you get the best of both worlds. PM me if you'd' like some more details. Gillware Online Backup Review it: 0.
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Backup technieken via Discovery Networking.
Volledige Online Backup. Dit is een manier die geen lokale NAS gebruikt waardoor de backup lang kan duren. Het is dezelfde oplossing als de twee traps backup maar in dit geval wordt er een backup direct naar de cloud gemaakt.
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Cloud Backup Infra24 B.V. ICT-dienstverlener gespecialiseerd in Cloud hosting ICT-oplossingen.
Om problemen met internet data / snelheid te voorkomen hanteren we een hybride model waarbij de voordelen van offline en online backup worden gecombineerd. Door gebruik te maken van een backup server NAS die bij u op locatie wordt geplaatst zorgen we voor snelle backups op locatie.
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Best cloud backup of 2019 TechRadar.
The backup process is just as straightforward, with the program initially backing up all your data which can even be on external disks and USB keys and then backing up individual files as they change. Your data is then accessible online via a web interface and mobile app. Bonus features include versioning, where file changes are kept for four weeks. An anti-theft feature records the IP address of your computer when it connects, and backup data can be sent on a flash drive or USB hard drive for speedy restores, anywhere in the world. Send the drive back within 30 days and they'll' refund the price in full. The service now includes some handy central management tools. Admins can assign users to separate groups for custom billing, view details about their backup status and settings, and receive alerts on problems. There's' even built-in support for BackBlaze's' B2 cloud storage, an Amazon S3-like service which backs up servers and NAS for a flat 5 per terabyte per month.
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De managed NAS Energie besparende oplossing Barion.
U kunt ervoor kiezen om de werkstations ook voor een vast bedrag per maand door Barion te laten beheren. 1024 GB Dataopslag 1TB. 100GB Online backup. Automatische opslag van bestanden op twee schijven. NAS blijft eigendom van Barion. NAS wordt beheerd door Barion.
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